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How to Beat Hyperpigmentation with Moxi

If you’re tired of empty promise creams and hesitant to book a laser appointment for fear of your skin type not being treated properly, keep reading.

We’ve all been there, reading over the back of a skincare product wondering if it’s really going to do the trick. Having a targeting skincare routine is essential, however topicals can only do so much. Products should be used to maintain desired results, and protect skincare investments.

However, they can’t do all the heavy lifting alone. If you’re wanting dramatic results that actually treat hyperpigmentation, you need to approach it from multiple angles.

So, what should be your first step in this skin transformation journey?

The answer is, Moxi laser treatment. Beginning your skin transformation journey with a resurfacing laser treatment, is going to jumpstart your results! By superficially injuring the top layer of skin, new skin cells and collagen come running to the rescue.

The old skin cells at the top layer containing hyperpigmentation will slough away, and reveal fresh new skin underneath. When you repeat this process 2-3 times as recommended, each round will continue to slough away hyperpigmentation damaged cells until desired results are met.

However, this laser isn’t actually targeting pigment as its chromophore. Moxi laser targets water deep within the dermis. Other lasers such as IPL devices, do in fact use brown and red pigment as the chromophore target. This is why IPL isn’t safe for all skin types. Someone skin type 4 or above would be in danger of receiving burns from this type of treatment as it would target the melanin naturally occurring in their skin.

So, what resurfacing laser treatment is safe for darker skin tones?

Since Moxi laser targets water, it is safe to be used on the full spectrum of skin types. This mode of treatment also allows Moxi to safely be used for the treatment of Melasma. The skin cell turn over that this treatment induces, is what polishes away hyperpigmentation. The stimulation received by the dermis will also aid in the remodeling of collagen and elastin production.

Benefits of Moxi include even skin tone, and improved skin texture by refining the look of lines and pores.

Book a free consultation and find out if this treatment is right for you!

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