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Are Probiotics Actually Good for Your Skin's Health?

Probiotics have seemed to become a buzzword, popping up as a fast growing niche for holistic health. Lactobacillus is the common strain of probiotics incorporated in drinks and supplements. With this growing popularity probiotics have worked their way into skincare products as well. The revolution of Biojuve capitalizes on this health trend, and expands into a new way of thinking about biome health.

Biojuve skincare is the first of its kind, clinically proven living biome technology. By harnessing the power of live skin native bacteria, Biojuve has been proven to optimize skin health for a wide range of anti-aging skin concerns.

To understand how Biojuve works, first you need to understand the living ecosystem that exists on and in our skin.

There is a diverse collection of microbes including bacteria living in and on our skin. Many common skin concerns can be caused by a compromised, or unhealthy skin microbiome.

Concerns such as, itching, redness, eczema, and signs of premature aging. In a clinical study the results from 8 weeks of using Biojuve were surprising. (Source) Participants were clinically graded at a baseline, week 1, week 4, and week 8. By using Biojuve products containing an especially beneficial strain of Cutibacterium acnes, dramatic changes were observed regarding skin texture, under eye appearance, and skin tone.

The clinical data found that texture was improved by 84% by week 1, and up to 90% improvement on week 8. This resulted in pore refinement, giving the participants smaller less noticeable pores and smoother skin texture. This surprising data revealed significant improvement of under eye dark circles and eye puffiness. Dark circles were improved by 56% by week 1 and 87% by week 8. While under eye puffiness was improved 62% by week 1 and up to 71% improvement by week 8.

The study also found that a more even skin tone was achieved with 43% improvement by
week 1 and 80% improvement by week 8.

To quote the clinical study conductors directly–

“During the study the most significant
improvements observed were in skin texture, evenness of skin tone, under eye dark
circles and puffiness, laxity, pigmentation, and wrinkles.”

“Subjects showed dramatic and unexpected levels of wrinkle and texture improvements within a relatively short, two-month use period.”

Biojuve helps to restore the balance of “good” versus bad bacteria living on the skin. The microbes feed off of the sebum in the skin, then they release polypeptides, antioxidants, and fatty acids. This creates an environment where the skin is nourished, and the microbiome is healthy. Biojuve optimizes the skin’s health, and fights signs of aging.

The same way you might drink a probiotic soda or kombucha to restore good bacteria balance in the gut, Biojuve provides a boost of living microbes for the skin. You may not think of the skin having a microbiome like intestinal flora, but both organ systems do in fact become impacted by good and bad native bacteria. The key is to outnumber the bad with the good, and enjoy the health benefits that proceed.

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