Sexual Health Injection

Improve Libido & Sexual Performance!

Medical Consultation Required

Improves libido and sexual performance, increase sexual desire and induces longer duration of action.

Bremelanotide (PT-141) is a 7 amino acid, melanocortin-receptor agonist developed from the tanning peptide Melanotan. PT-141 has been shown in studies to  libido-enhancing effects by non-selectively activating melanocortin receptors.

Bremelanotide Subcutaneous Injection

Men: Erectile Dysfunction

Women: HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) and FSAD (Female Sexual Arousal Disorder)

Improved Libido and Sexual Performance

Increase Sexual Desire

Longer Duration of Action


Come relax and feel the Chic Vibes while getting your IV Infusion therapy. IV Infusion therapy is used to administer nutrients containing fluids directly to the bloodstream through your veins. Fluids Transport nutrients such as essential vitamins to your skin and internal organs keeping it hydrated, healthy and strong.

Initial consultation with our medical providers is recommended to formulate your infusion therapy plan.

We offer complimentary Facial Lymphatic Drainage while you receive your IV therapy. Our face has the largest network of lymphatic drainage.

Detoxification with this treatment helps reduce congestion and improve blood flow giving your skin a fresh look and glow.

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and Complementary Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

We offer complimentary Facial Lymphatic Drainage while you receive your IV therapy.

Treatments and consultations at Chic Derm & Aesthetics are provided by board certified PA’s and Physicians who specializes in cosmetic anti-aging procedures.