Do you have facial flushing and blushing that doesn’t go away? Rosacea is a chronic condition that predominantly affects people in their 30’s to 50’s. It can be inherited, appear as a result of our immune system’s response to certain triggers, or it can be caused by a mite called Demodex. Females tend to get it more often than men, but Rosacea in men can become more severe. It can manifest in any skin tone or color. Children may have Rosacea if they have long-lasting redness of the skin, develop eye irritation frequently, and suffer eyelid swelling. Consult a skin care specialist for Rosacea treatment to diagnose early sign of rosacea skin condition.

How do you know if it’s Rosacea?

Rosacea most commonly presents as redness, flushing, and the swelling of cheeks, nose (especially in men) and chin area, or it may involve your whole face. Even your back can show signs of it. Rosacea can also affect your eyes (Ocular Rosacea), and you may feel dryness, irritation, burning, and tearing as it progresses. A more severe presentation of Rosacea that appears on the nose is called Rhinophyma, in which the skin of the nose begins to thicken and appear bumpy.

Rosacea can develop into several types. Identifying the correct type improves Rosacea treatment efficacy and overall results in people suffering from this skin condition.

Risk Factors:

Your diet can play a significant role in Rosacea flare-ups. For example, spicy food, hot drinks and alcohol can trigger your Rosacea. Also, other environmental factors like sun, wind, cold and heat can do the same. Talking to your skin-care provider and identifying the cause of your facial redness and flushing is always recommended.

It is also very important to distinguish Rosacea from Acne since both skin conditions are diagnosed and treated differently. If you are concerned about your facial redness, it is time to talk to your skin care specialist for rosacea to better control your appearance. Start your treatment for rosacea on face today!!

Other conditions treated

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I had a great experience with Faseeha as my injector. She has one of the most gentle and caring personalities and she is so confident with her technique. I felt really comfortable with her and she really took time to listen to my needs and help me address my concerns. I look forward to being an ongoing client of hers because of her professionalism and pleasant, friendly bedside manner.

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